Munkkiniemi school

Munkkiniemi school

Munkkiniemi school was established in 1938. It is governed by Munkkiniemi education foundation. The school comprises of secondary and upper secondary schools. More than a thousand people work in the school daily; in the academic year 2018 – 2019 more than 950 students, more than 70 full time teachers and 23 members of administrative and other staff.

All children that live in the neighbourhood have the right to go to Munkkiniemi secondary school whereas students have to apply to upper secondary school and they are accepted according to their average grade in academic subjects. A group for mathematically talented pupils, science and technology education and various possibilities for sportlers characterize the secondary school. Upper secondary school students can choose among long curricula in mathematics, physics and chemistry, a wide language programme, a selections of social science and economics courses and it is also possible to combine academics and sports.

The building is owned by the foundation and thus kept in excellent condition. Classrooms are spacious and well equipped. Teaching is aided by modern technology. All student are served a free school lunch every day. Should a students need, he can turn to a full time school psychologist or school social worker. A school nurse and a school doctor are employed by the city of Helsinki. We also have a full librarian and our library has a good selection of books.

Munkka is a basketball school. Our school teams have won many Finnish championships.

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